An Attitude Adjustment

How the heck did my liver become over-heated, stagnant or toxic in the first place....?

That is a good question!

Ayurveda shares that our choices and environment have the greatest effect on our reality. So we can look to daily routine to usually find the solution. And much of the Ayurvedic Liver Tool-Kit addresses how to explore new and balancing daily choices....


It is our MENTAL ATTITUDE that drives our choices.


Here are some common archetypical attitudes which motivate choices that accumulate excess heat and stagnation through imbalanced daily routines.

  • A schedule high in work, low in recreation.
  • Excess artificial impressions over natural impressions. (ie screens over nature).
  • Placing work ahead of self-care. (ie skipping meals, eating on the run, no exercise, getting to bed late).
  • Placing others ahead of self-care. (ie taking on too much, unable to say no, martyr mentality).
  • Overly ambitious, self-centred, too serious, stifled sense of humour, unable or unwilling to adapt, rest or relax.
  • Attachment, complacency, lethargic, procrastination and stubborn.


Remember, like increases like!

  • So if our mental and emotional state is intense, agitated and over-heated, that living reality will seep into our choices and impact our physical health.
  • One of the many jobs of the liver is to remove toxins.
  • But if more toxins are coming in than Mr. Liver can handle, accumulation of stagnation and imbalance will occur.

Remember, opposites bring balance!

  • So if we favour an attitude of calm, relaxation, peace and harmony through our daily choices our life must reflect that. #karma


Favour uplifting and harmonizing attitudes!

  • Gratitude (start and end each day with one thing you are grateful for).
  • Nature (get out and breathe fresh air and beauty).
  • Acceptance (let something go, truly, it won't seem like such a big deal tomorrow).
  • Moderation (shift from the black and white to exploring the grey).
  • Smile, laugh, enjoy (act like a kid and have some fun!).
  • Mantra (everything you think is a mantra - choose peaceful, harmonizing thoughts).
  • Don't over schedule yourself. Allow space for spontaneity! (the magic arises in the gaps).
  • Prioritize rest, relaxation and good quality sleep. (or else, eventually the foundation crumbles).
  • Journal to express and explore thoughts and feelings. (let it out, you don't need to carry it around anymore).

Reduce excessive or intense attitudes

  • Control (it's really just an illusion anyway).
  • Comparing, jealousy and envy (stay in your lane and be the best you, you can be!)
  • Complacency (balance heavy with light).
  • Resentment and frustration (festering, it's not worth it).
  • Anger (kills your liver and shrivels your heart, let it go).
  • Stubborn (try something new, be spontaneous)
  • Competition (in moderation ;)
  • Judgement and criticism (something about casting stones - get back in your lane).
  • Procrastination (just a little each day...)
  • Rushing and impatience (what about smelling the roses?).

Pick one or two items from each list to explore for a few weeks. And we promise, not only will you feel better, your liver will thank you and watch how your relationships improve....

Below you'll find a handy-dandy PRINTABLE ⬇︎ that you can post on your fridge or keep around to help you stay on track with your Attitude Adjustment journey.

Make your commitment! POST A COMMENT to share which item from each list you will explore for the next few weeks.

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