Ayurveda & Your Liver

Experiential practice is the most profound way to learn and study Ayurveda!

Ayurveda = Nature's Knowledge for Harmonious Living

Ayus ➤ Life, Nature, Universal Living

Veda ➤ Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding

"Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Liver is a Digestive Organ

The liver is a Pitta or fire organ. It governs a vast list of functions that support metabolism and digestion. Pitta is the acids in the body (fire within water) or quite literally the bile that works to convert nourishment into energy. One function of the liver is to create bile. If the liver has become clogged with toxins or heavy with excess Pitta (more bile) then it becomes clogged, stagnant and its functions become less effective and efficient.

The liver, blood, heart, skin are part of a circuit of metabolism and circulation and if any one part is compromised the other parts will suffer as well, leading to an onslaught of symptoms of imbalance.

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You can see, with over 500 vital functions, how foundational liver health is to your natural strength of immunity!

Ayurveda shares a sound, common sense framework for understanding how to balance the qualities of Nature in all aspects of our body, mind and emotions.

Like Increases Like / Opposites Bring Balance

A fundamental principle of Ayurvedic Medicine is the consideration of balancing qualities to restore harmony.

  • Simply put, an Ayurvedic Liver Cleanse reduces the excess qualities of hot, intense, heavy and oily that a stagnant liver suffers from through increasing qualities of light, vital, cool and calm.
  • This is done through all aspects of daily life including routine, diet, herbs, exercise, recreation, yoga, breath-work and attitude (thought).

The Medicine of Life-Style

One of the most effective and efficient benefits of practicing Ayurvedic Medicine, is that life becomes the cure. (As in an imbalanced state, the life becomes the poison). So by exploring new considerations around reducing qualities of heat, heavy and intense with cleansing qualities of calm, light and gentle, you will not only cleanse the liver, but be creating a foundation of living practices that become profound preventative medicine, addressing the cause and ensuring a healthy liver in the future.

The Ayurvedic Liver Cleanse Lessons, will explore how appropriate Juicing and Daily Routines for a Healthy Liver balance the liver (and therefore the blood, skin, circulation, digestion and sleep) through simple choices of uplifting, calming and cleansing qualities in your actions and thoughts.

Remember, it is an excess of heavy, intensity, agitation and heat (from excess red meat, alcohol, preservatives, poor quality flour, white sugar, salty, greasy and spicy food) that clogs the liver in the first place so start your Ayurvedic Liver Cleanse adventure with an attitude of gratitude, patience, gentle care and awareness!

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