2020 Mentoring Program / Co-Creating with the Universe

Exploring your Dharmic Path through Karma Yoga

Exploring your Dharmic Path through Karma Yoga

Learn a REPEATABLE PROCESS of Co-Creating with the Universe that guides you through.....

  • Strengthening Your Success Behaviours (will power, fortitude, discipline, perseverance)
  • Increasing Confidence in Various Methods of Expression
  • Inspiring Accountability
  • The Arts of Receptivity, Guidance & Support


  • Deepen your understanding of Self through a series of guided exercises that challenge you to move outside of your comfort zone and habitual tendencies to awaken new capacities of confidence, resiliency, creativity, flexibility and clarity of wisdom.
  • Deepen your practical comprehension of Yoga & Ayurveda through a series of applied research and expression exercises inspired by YOUR passions and interests.
  • Deepen your experience of Co-Creating with the Universe as you explore the roots of Self and Knowledge as one in the same. Practicing Karma Yoga through disciplines around letting go of attachment to goal and outcome.

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This course is closed for enrollment.